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High tech surfaces
Press Fit Apps
Face Shaping
Face Shaving Aids
Self Tanning Aids
Cellulite treatment aid
Anti-ageing aids
Deep cleaning/exfoliation aid
Domestic cleaning tools

Exploits enhanced friction grip in diverse uses from  strengthening mechanical couplings to improving skin appearance and domestic cleaning

Engineering uses include strengthening friction couplings like press-fits, shrink-fits, swaged fasteners etc. It strengthens releasable shaft couplings and potentially provides alternatives to keyways, splines and in some cases alternatives to adhesives and welds

This is not an adhesive, it is a chemical cold-weld agent that enlarges microscopic asperity welds between pressed together smooth metal surfaces, which gives instant extra friction grip without heat or cure. Upon relaxing the contact pressure the welds spontaneously break, without leaving visible damage to their surfaces, hence these enhanced couplings can be released and re-made

click on links below to review examples  of metal to metal 'friction-enhanced' interfaces


Skin-care - gentle rubbing with friction devices improves personal appearance

  • Male face-shaving:  novel shave brush that improves wetting, extends razor life, gives closer shave and massages lower face to make it look younger 
  • Cellulite treatment: a body brush with novel stick/slip action that vibrates and massages affected tissues which disrupts adipose fats and reduces cellulite
  • Self-tanning:  applicator exfoliates skin when applying self-tanning lotion while keeping hands clean and dry


Home-care - enhanced friction tools shift more dirt while keeping hands clean and dry


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