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Cellulite treatment with a Trib-Tool.

Cellulite is an unwanted accumulation of fluids (fats and water) in the hypodermis attached to the underside of the dermis (the skin); this is especially troublesome on female legs and buttocks. It is believed to be associated with a combination of factors such as deterioration of metabolism and vascular functions or perhaps insufficient exercise or ageing.

It results in a roughness of the skin commonly described as an orange peel effect. The reason these accumulations are more visible in females than males is attributed to a slightly different arrangement within the female septea, that is the collagen fibre network that couples the underside of the skin to the connective tissues of the facia. The female septae have more pronounced vertical alignment of collagen fibres than males, which allows adipose deposits to accumulate in vertical columns that push the skin surface up between restraining fibres.

Whilst there is no known cure, various massage treatments have been shown to reduce the visible effect. These range from applying lotions that are massaged on and plump-up the skin making it temporarily appear smoother; to various  mechanical treatments that induce pressure-shock waves that pass into the hypodermis releasing adipose fatty fluids from the tiny sacks lodged between the vertically oriented septea. The pressure waves are also said to also stimulate both blood flow and lymphatic drainage to remove released adipose fluids. Machines for applying such pressure waves to the skin include suction devices, rollers and electro-mechanical transducers. The equipment for applying these methods is expensive and is mainly limited to salon use.  

The Tribtech method treats cellulite with a less expensive hand held rubbing tool. The left side diagram below is taken from a recent patent application illustrating how the tool is used and on the right is a photograph of an actual tool. The surface has a grippy resilient nature that provides pronounced audible stick/slip behaviour as it is rubbed against wet skin. Each time the tool slips it creates a pressure shock wave that penetrates the hypodermis. This is conveniently done in the shower or bath



The oscillatory nature of the TribTech massage tool also improves and maintains optimum vascular functions. With regular daily use this result in a steady reduction of adipose deposits and a reduction of the orange-peel effect.  The Tool also exfoliates and deep cleans the skin as it treats the cellulite. The net effect is an improvement in shape and appearance of the body. Click here for an explanation of how this patented thermoformed surface also deep cleans.

Patents are granted on these devices


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